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Off Broadway Live
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In October!
"The 1960's Singers & Songwriters"
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Our MOST Popular Show ever!
Weekends Only

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Is Our Final
Gospel Brunch
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September 4 & 5
@ 6:30pm

Remember the sounds of The Righteous Brothers, Van Morrison, The Beatles, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield, The Mama's & The Papa's, Dionne Warwick, Gary Puckett, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Credence Clear Water Revival, The Grass Roots and so many more . . .

Take a step back in time to the "Supper Clubs" of Harlem & Manhattan- the food, the drink, the music, the atmosphere . . . that's what ENCORE Supper Club is all about!

A fully catered dinner & dessert, coffee or soda, AND, your 1st drink (Wine & Beer) is on us!
Our live 4 piece combo plays dinner music, then, Bob, Steve & Lisa will bring you the music of a decade that changed the world!

TICKETS for this show are JUST $59
(Only $3 more per ticket for Elevated Bx Tables)
plus food & beverage tax

  Friday, Sept. 11th Dinner Show @ 6:30
Saturday, Sept. 12th
@ 7:30pm
Sunday, Sept. 20th
Matinee @ 3:0opm

"One Hit Wonder"

It's about a group that sang other peoples songs, until they had their own
hit . . . Just one hit!

This story brings to life the music of Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Eddie Rabbit, Dionne Warwick, Roberta Flack, Olivia Newton-John, The Eagles and so many others.

You are going to love this music, these characters and this fun story.


Get your tickets today, Just $25 for
 a senior adult, or,
 a senior adult table
of FOUR for ONLY

 FINAL Theatrical 
Friday, September 11th
@ 6:30pm

Can you guess?
Tickets for this "surprise" return show go on sale September 1st . . .

Check back here next week for more details!

It's gonna be a fun "post" season at
Off Broadway Live!

Oct. 4th

Remember Sundays after church, the smell of chicken frying, all the fixins' that went with it? And if you cleaned your plate . . . oh, the dessert!       

Louisiana Fried Chicken is back with their famous fried chicken and all the fixins', including peach cobbler for dessert!

Then, an original show about GUARDIAN, Bob & Steve's southern gospel group (1999-2004) bring a high powered, high energy sound with the return of Blake Beckcom & Jodi Kohler as Guardian!

Your $39 ticket
(Only $3 more per ticket for Elevated Bx Tables)
includes brunch beverage, dessert
& show!

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The 2016
Is Coming!

Tickets Go On Sale
October 15th

2015 Season

EIGHT Different
Weekends In 2015

Tickets Go On Sale
  October 1st

November 28th-December 20th 
will be back 
 with more shows
       in 2016 . . .

     a musical

     will make its


  will be back, too!


  will also be back!

  It's gonna be a
   great year at 
  Off Broadway Live!

    A Fully Catered Dinner 
 Show, Dessert, And Your First Drink Is On Us (Beer & Wine),
    then . . .

A Live Combo Band, Bob, Steve & Special Musical Guests singing the best songs of our generation!

  "Bacharach  & Friends" 
       January 23rd & 24th

"Valentine's Special" 
      February 13th & 14th

"Frank Sinatra & Friends"
April 10th & 11th
  "B. Manilow vs. Billy Joel" May 29th & 30th

 "Neil Diamond & Friends"
July 10th & 11th

"The 60's Singers
               & Songwriters" 
        September 4th & 5th

"Neil Diamond - One More Time"
2nd  & 3rd

"The 70's Singers
                & Songwriters"
October 16th & 17th

"The Best of All Our
        2015  ENCORES
      November 13th & 14th


Our Christmas Show is back with lots of new songs for this year! 

A fully catered dinner, beverage & dessert show for the holiday season . . .

Guardian has just finished a concert, heading to the airport to get home for Christmas, when a blizzard hits!

NOT making it home for Christmas wasn't in anyone's plans, and now they all must face the facts of the weather.

Come enjoy the food, the music and this story of what Christmas is all about.











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San Diego live theater will never be the same. The dynamic team of Bob Schulze and Steve Rolf comprise a creative duo who write original plays and musicals. Their stage presentations have impressed crowds for years, and now they are presenting these entertaining stage presentations in an intimate East San Diego California venue. Located in the San Diego suburb of Santee, California, this newly-renovated playhouse is the home to the Off Broadway Live cast and crew. The arrangement of tables and chairs in this local community theater makes for a comfortable environment as well as opening up the opportunity for a bit of audience participation.  Many visitors choose to "make a night of it" by going to dinner then the theater with a spouse, friend, or small group. The tables seat four and ticket prices are reasonable so as to allow virtually any resident of San Diego County to become a supporter of local community arts and theater. Get your tickets to the next original show.
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